We utilized all of our resources to develop and successfully implement our SafeKlean Process to replace the outdated conventional methods used by the power, petrochemical and oil & gas industries for decades.

Whether precommissioning or preoperational cleaning, from HRSG’s to reactors, from reactors to vessels and all the piping and equipment in-between, the SafeKlean Process is your answer to 1/2 the time at 1/2 the cost.

About Precommissioning
  • One step or two step process
  • Compatible with all system metallurgies
  • Oil splitting capabilities
  • Minimal set-up area requirements
What to expect
  • Measurable to determine when hydrocarbons are emulsified and iron oxides are in solution
  • Typical onsite disposal – no caustics or phosphates and low foaming for ability to dispose onsite and ease of handling
  • Effective at ambient temperatures to eliminate heating equipment costs
  • Excellent, measureable rinse ability for complete/minimum rinse cycles
Great customer service and the techs exceeding out expectation with their dedication to detail and carrying our the job to our approval. Thank you.