Hydrostatic Testing


kci’s hydrostatic test methods will meet or exceed all required ASME/ASTM standards. Historical and outdated methods take excessive time, time you don’t need to waste.

Hydrostatic Test Process includes:

  • Defining general and specific safety precautions for maximum risk mitigation
  • Water quality parameters
  • Water conservation
  • Temperatures and pressures
  • Fill flow path
  • Venting
  • Testing timeframes
  • Hydrostatic test equipment layout

News: B&W Energy Services and klean corp international Announce Strategic Alliance

B&W Energy Services and Klean Corp International (kci) have announced the formation of a strategic alliance between the two companies to provide an enhanced range of services to clients of both companies. By working together the clients of both companies will benefit through efficiently executed projects that result in significant bottom line savings. Read More >>



I greatly appreciate and value Lyondells relationship for klean corp & the team. You guys are reliable and I appreciate the atmosphere that you guys bring when you are out on a job!