Hydrolaze Kleaning


The advanced methodology has proven that professional high-pressure hydrolazing of piping systems can reduce steam and air blow durations 60% to 70%, resulting in significant financial savings and schedule improvement for both large and small installations.

The cleaning is done with precisely controlled rotation of the orifice nozzle, which in turn is advanced at a predetermined speed by the air powered rotation device, providing a thorough and even cleaning of the entire interior surface area of the pipe. Incrustations of all kinds including tough, viscous, brittle or extremely hard deposits are easily removed from the pipe wall, yielding a stripe free surface, even on pipes that are totally blocked. The Hydrolaze process utilizes a typical working pressure of 15,000 – 18,000 psi for mill scale removal with an average water flow of 40 to 50 gpm’s.

All debris and mill scale removed from the pipe surface is transported out of the pipe when the high-pressure nozzle is retracted. This is accomplished by the design of the nozzle orifices. The flushed out media can be easily contained and/or collected for disposal.

Safety is paramount to the Hydrolaze process. Even if a hose or nozzle were to fail during operation, it would present no hazard to either personnel or pipeline. The high pressure hose cannot eject out of the pipeline once it is secured within the hose feeder system. This protective mechanism securely contains all hose movement at the point of entry.

Specialty Hydroblast – when typical water jetting won’t work, Specialty Hydroblasting will. Mill scale, weld slag and debris are no challenge. Our process allows us to clean longer pipe runs with more elbows than you thought possible.

Very professional and safety conscious.