Fin Fan Kleaning


Your fin fan air coolers have two problems:
  1. Every airborne contaminate for miles around will get in between the delicate aluminum fin
  2. Delicate aluminum fins

To solve this dilemma you need two solutions – Chemistry and Application Methodology to remove the airborne contaminates while not harming the fins.

Chemistry Solution

There is no one chemistry known to man that is completely effective in removing the multitudes of airborne contaminates that your air coolers are subject to. Therefore a 2-step chemistry solution is the only complete answer and kci’s EnviroKlean chemistries provide that answer.

Step 1
  • Utilize our Kleanatol Series chemistry that removes hydrocarbons, dirt, grime and loose debris and is easily and completely rinsable with low pressure water
Step 2
  • Utilize our SureKlean Series chemistry that removes salt deposits, oxides and any other residue and is easily and completely rinsable with low pressure water

Application Methodology Solution

Both chemistries must come in contact with the entire surface area of the fins and tubes for as long as they need to work their magic. This can only be accomplished by foaming or cascading the chemistries in the desired consistency from an air powered application device at low, low pressures.

So, if you want to see drastic, long lasting changes for the good with your product exit temperatures and want to have fins that look like new year after year, please contact us at (361) 578-1524.

Great customer service and the techs exceeding out expectation with their dedication to detail and carrying our the job to our approval. Thank you.