Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers


You either love your Gas/Gas or Side Reboilers or you hate ’em. With minimal DP, recovery rates are high and life is good. When DP is up, life ain’t so good. So you try flushing with methanol or some other solvent and/or huff and puff until you are blue. You may get some relief, but it is not enough and it is short lived.

Now you have another choice and it is a good one. Our EPC Process removes the mole sieve and all the other typical animals that block the fine clearances in your extremely high dollar piece of aluminum. All with non-hazardous chemistries and at ambient temperatures!

Within 24 hours, you will see your subcooler perform like the day it was born.

Please contact us at (361) 578-1524 to check out our 100% success rate with the EPC Process.

I greatly appreciate and value Lyondells relationship for klean corp & the team. You guys are reliable and I appreciate the atmosphere that you guys bring when you are out on a job!