About Us

we were born to klean!

We have built and maintained our solid reputation by providing unique products, systems, knowledge, service and solutions that our valued customers have come to define as "Wow."  We are a niche service company that designs, develops, tests, manufactures and markets core and customized industrial cleaning products and technology.

We know our products are great because we make them ourselves! Our team's reputation and dedication to providing products and services are well known as the quality high-end, best value in our market for industrial cleaning.

Our formulas and application methodologies have economically cleaned equipment to a standard that cannot be met by the previous methods of large volumes of harsh chemicals and/or high-pressure water or particle blasting cleaning systems.

The environmentally safe, green formulations are designed with total quality output as the primary consideration. "Me too" companies can't compete with us in the mainstream market.

Priority Statement


Our priority statement of God,Family,Team & Me® tells a story in itself. kci was founded in 1997 using our priority statement as our business model. It's who we are, it's what we believe and it is what we live out. Our culture is derived from our deep-rooted faith in the Lord. Out company embodies a family environment which is made up of individuals who build this place into what is stands for. Our culture encompasse our faith, values and visions.

 Our kci team trusts our God given responsibility and accountability to stewardship. We appreciate the opportunity and we will always give you what we feel you deserve....our very best!

Our Values & Principles


Our Core Values and Principals GOD, FAMILY, TEAM AND ME® 

  • Our faith, families, clients, communities
  • Integrity, knowledge, leadership
  • Servancy, servancy, servancy, accountability
  • Ourselves


  • 100% Positive customer perception
  • Total risk mitigation
  • Accurate, on time, all the time
  • Continually improve...period!


  • They know it when they see it
  • Deliberate, dedicated, passionate
  • Fun, fun, fun !!!