Chemical Cleaning


Chemical Cleaning


Chemical Cleaning
Who needs the "Big Iron"(costly cleaning equipment)?
Who pays for it? You do! Do you need it? No you don't!

klean corp international's chemical cleaning chemistries and methods are a safe and efficient process to remove foulants from equipment internals without damage to the equipment, personnel or environment. Our team evaluates your process/system, custom formulates chemistries and designs a circulation guideline that will increase your efficiency, heat transfer, run time, etc. We call this process of evaluation and design our Process Improvement Kleaning (PIK) Program, which utilizes our proprietary SafeKlean Series chemistriesand application methods.

What you don't need:

  • High velocity mega pumps

  • Aggressive, corrosive, unsafe chemistries

  • Ineffective chemistries that don't allow 100% foulant removal

  • Potential disposal and/or downstream concerns

  • Elevated temperatures

  • Unverifiable clean standard

  • Acres for temporary equipment set up

  • Time and Material bids and 'Gotcha add ons'

What you do need:

  • Protection of assets

  • Risk mitigation

  • Analytical approach to verify 100% fouling removal and completeness of the rinse cycle

  • Typical cleaning process uses ambient solutions, low flow, soak and bump methods

  • Minimal circulation equipment required

  • Testing to verify inhibitor effectiveness

  • Ability to utilize HCl and other inorganic/organic acid based chemistries on austenitic metallurgies (stainless, titanium, copper/nickel, admiralty brass, 2205 duplex, inconel, monel) without chloride stress cracking

  • Typical corrosion coupon test rates less than 10 mph

  • Ability to maintain higher acid concentration level

  • No harmful affect to intact human tissue

  • Custom blend all chemistries

  • Development of cleaning process guidelines

  • Final report detailing and summarizing the project